List of Vocabulary
冲模术语 Terminology for dies
塑料成型模具术语 Terminology of mould for plastics
压力铸造模具术语 Terminology for die-casting die
钢直尺 Steel rulers
单杆式内径千分尺 Single-lody inside micrometers
奇数沟千分尺 Odd fluted micrometer
镶片齿轮滚刀 Insterted blaeds gear hobs
硬质合金圆柱形旋转锉 Cylindrical hardmetal burrs
硬质合金圆球形旋转锉 Spherical hardmetal hurrs
硬质合金椭圆形旋转锉 Oval hardmetal burrs
硬质合金弧形尖头旋转锉 Arch pointed-nose hardmetal burrs
硬质合金火炬形旋转锉 Flame hardmetal burrs
硬质合金60°和90°圆锥形旋转锉 60°and 90°cone hardmetal burrs
硬质合金锥形尖头旋转锉 Conical pointed-nose hardmetal burrs
硬质合金倒锥形旋转锉 Inverted cone hardmetal burrs
硬质合金旋转锉技术条件 Hardmetal burrs technical specifications
螺钉旋具通用技术条件 Screwdrivers-General technical requirements
螺钉旋具试验方法 Screwdrivers-Test methods
矩形花键量规 Gauges for straight-sided splines
螺纹千分尺 Thread micrometers
1/4圆锥量规 Gaugers of 1/4 tapers
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