List of Vocabulary
画蛇添足,多此一举 Carry coal to Newcastle, send owls to Athens
向某人投羊眼向某人递秋波 Cast sheep's eyes to someone
说服你爸爸?那太容易了! Convince your dad? Nothing to it!
伸长脖子看什么东西 Crane one's neck to see sth.
(为了泄忿反而害己), Cut off one's nose to spite one's face
你未经允许就用了了爸爸的汽车,这使他大为恼火 Dad is up in arms because you used his car without asking for his permission
迪克是个败家子,总给他家里招惹麻烦。 Dick is a Black sheep, always Bringing trouble to his family.
你是说男人应该娶几个老婆?亏你说的出来! Did you say that a man should have several wives? I like that!
你是说我们今晚到馆去吃吗?这个我同意 Did you say we'd eat out tonight? I'll drink to that.
当他们同意把那批货以那样的价格卖给你的时候,难道你没有感到有些可疑吗? Didn't you smell a rat when they agreed to sell you the goods at such a price?
千万别请小李来参加这次的舞会,她总是扫大家的兴。 Do not invite Xiao Li to the party. She's such a wet Blanket.
你知道是谁唆使他这样干的吗? Do you know who had put him up to that deal?
不要显得低于他,否则他会骑到你脖子上的 Don't appear to be in an inferior to him, or he'll walk all over you
别再问了!你想把你妈妈逼疯吗? Don't ask her! Do you want to send your mum to the loony Bin?
别当个老古董了,别人都穿这样的衣服,为什么你不能穿呢? Don't be a stick-in-the-mud. Others are all dressed like this, why can't you?
别扫大家的兴。他们都希望你和他们一起去那里。 Don't be a wet Blanket. They all enjoy your going there with them.
别听他们胡说八道,根本就没那回事 Don't be fooled by their Babbling. Nothing of the sort
别害怕,我只是吓唬你而已 Don't be scared. I was only giving you a Bluff
别太引以为自豪了。那个女孩子说不定就是你的祸水呢。 Don't be so proud of having such a girl. She might be your jailbait.
对他不要太慷慨了。他总是得寸进尺 Don't be too generous to him. You give him an inch and he'll take a mile
不要听任何小道消息,现在传闲话的人越来越多了 Don''t believe anything through the grapevine. There are more and more gossipers
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