List of Vocabulary
你有提高口语技能的诀窍吗? Have you got the hang of improving the speaking skills?
他欣然接受了这项工作 He accepted the job with a good grace
他承认那是他的不是,而且也向你表示了歉意。你为什么还要对他如此的不依不饶呢? He admitted he was in the wrong and had already expressed his apology. But why should you still come down on him like a ton of Bricks?
他欣然地同意了我们的计划 He agreed to our plan with a good grace
自从那个人威胁说要杀死他们的女儿以后,他和妻子一直忐忑不安. He and his wife have been having the case of the jitters since the man threatened to kill their daughter
他说他为错过那样好的机会感到非常遗憾 He ask that he was very much regretted about having missed the Boat
即使是在特别困难的情况下,他也从未要求过特殊照顾 He asked no odds even when he was Bogged down in great difficulties
他吹嘘说如果他能找到这个问题的答案其成果就会轰动全世界。 He Boasted that if he could find the solution to the problem, the result of it would set the world on fire
他买了一台崭新的轿车。 He Bought a Brand new car
他的那部车买的真便宜 He Bought that car on the cheap
他能讲一口地道的美国英语,但是论教英语,他可就一窍不通了。 He can speak idiomatic American English and yet, when it comes to teaching English, he doesn't know beans
他蹲在那里很长一段时间后,突然想出了一个挫败他对手的计划 He crouched there for a long time before he hit upon a plan to defeat his antagonist.
他花言巧语地哄骗那个女孩儿,说自己是某个部长的儿子。她呢,居然相信了他的那一套 He did a snow job on the girl by saying that he is the son of a minister and she fell for that and earnestly believed him
他没想到在那个公司会碰钉子 He didn't expect to get the cheese in that company
他只是说走嘴了,根本没有想伤害你的意思 He didn't mean to hurt you. He only made a slip of the tongue
他的心术不正,动不动就在别人的背后捅刀子 He doesn't have his heart in the right place. He would find every opportunity to stab in the Back of others
他并不想写出一本能轰动全世界的书,只是在踏踏实实地用文字反映中国农民的生活 He doesn't have the idea of producing a Book that would set the world on fire. He's been only earnestly using the pen to mirror the life of the Chinese peasants
他试了几次都失败了,所以现在也只能听天由命了 He failed all his attempts and now he has to resign to his fate
他意识到自己好日子没几天了,不禁感到一阵凄凉和恐慌 He felt a rush of chilled feeling of anxiety when he realized that his days were numbered
他特别恨自己又上了那帮人的当 He felt sick of having swallowed the Bait set by the guys
他发现这件事特别难办。同意不好,不同意也不好 He found it a sticky Business: he could neither agree nor disagree
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