List of Vocabulary
自己经历的每件事都非常顺利、圆满. Everything is comimg up roses.
面对敌人,他只有随机应变了 Facing his enemy, he had to play it by ear.
站在门口,他冲着母亲说了一句气话然后就走了 From the doorway, he gave a parting shot to his mother and left
从她向老板作媚眼的那个得行你就知道她是个什么样的人 From the way she is making eyes at the Boss you'll certainly know what sort of person she is
从她在老板面前点头哈腰的那个模样,你就知道她是个什么人了 From the way she's Bowing and scraping in front of the Boss, you'll know what sort of person she is.
一般说来,生在富贵人家的孩子很少有什么出息 Generally speaking, very few of those who were Born with a silver spoon in their mouth will make the mark
乔治带走了所有的钱,把他的同事抛弃了,连买车票的钱也没有 George took all the money away and left his companions high and dry,with nothing to Buy the tickets.
指平时脾气好的人突然变得很暴躁,难以相处 Get out of the bed on the wrong side
卷铺盖回家,被辞退 Get the sack( 北美印第安人外出打工时自带工具,如果老板把装工具的袋子还给你,那将意味着你得卷起铺盖回家,被解雇了)
他真是得寸进尺。我说过他需要钱的时候我可以借给他,而现在他却三番五次地跟我借 Give him an inch and he'll take a mile. I told him that I could lend him money when he needed it. But now he comes to me again and again
如果你弄清楚了事情的真相就马上打电话告诉我。 Give me a Buzz and till me as soon as you've got the what's what
在来这前请先给我挂个电话,以免让你扑空 Give me a Buzz before coming so that you won't come to a locked door.
进行你的计划吧,我完全赞成 Go ahead with your plan. I'm all for it.
左耳朵进,右耳朵出 Go in one ear and out the other
在外谈笑风生,在家闷闷不乐 Hang up one's fiddle when one comes home
在别人家里久留不去,长期居住 Hang up one's hat in another's house
你有提高口语技能的诀窍吗? Have you got the hang of improving the speaking skills?
他欣然接受了这项工作 He accepted the job with a good grace
他承认那是他的不是,而且也向你表示了歉意。你为什么还要对他如此的不依不饶呢? He admitted he was in the wrong and had already expressed his apology. But why should you still come down on him like a ton of Bricks?
他欣然地同意了我们的计划 He agreed to our plan with a good grace
自从那个人威胁说要杀死他们的女儿以后,他和妻子一直忐忑不安. He and his wife have been having the case of the jitters since the man threatened to kill their daughter
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