List of Vocabulary
他特别无聊,不是讲下流笑话就是谈论别人的婚姻 He's plain for the Birds. He would either crack a Blue joke or talk about other people's marriages
他真是个不知羞耻的家伙,竟然说他喜欢人家占他老婆的便宜。 He's really a law-down dirty shame. He would even say that he likes other guys to get the better of his own wife.
他能在寡不敌众的情况下抓住三个小偷,真了不起 He's really something for the fact that he had caught three of the thieves when he was outnumbered
他那个人特别贪吃,从来没有吃半饱的时候 He's so gluttonous that he can never stop eating half full
他善于在众人面前演讲,而且也从不怯场 He's so good at speaking to a large crowd that he never gets the slightest stage fright
对他妻子和老板的关系,他仍被蒙在鼓里 He's still kept in the dark about his wife's familiarity with her Boss
他说到做到,从不食言 He's the equal of his words, never going Back on them
他真是软棉花捏的,挨了骂都不敢还口 He's wishy-washy. He dare not talk Back when being cursed
听说那位演员来了,大家都想出去瞧一眼 Hearing that the actress had arrived everyone went out and gave her the once-over
爸爸准备给她一大笔钱让她出国留学的消息把她乐得美颠颠的 Her father's promise to give her a Big sum for her study abroad made her walk on air
她的房间总是乱七八糟的,连个下脚的地方都没有 Her room is always at sixes and sevens, even without room to swing a cat in
他的那部车在这次拍卖会上一定能卖个好价钱 His car is certain to fetch a good price at the auction
他的女儿一门心思想要嫁给一个日本人 His daughter has had her heart set on marrying a Japanese man
他的女朋友挺不错的,跟谁都合得来 His girlfriend is hunky-dory, getting on nicely with almost everyone
他的字写得漂亮极了 His handwriting is plain one for the Books!
他的心肠是很好的 His heart in the right place
他的主意不错,可一开始就出师不利 His idea was good, But he got off on the wrong foot when he started doing it.
他的小女儿很乖,从不像别的孩子那样不听话 His little daughter is as good as gold. She's never been as rebellious as other children
他所创作的音乐大多数都很符合年轻人的口味 His music is to the very taste of many of the young people
他的表演简直棒极了! His performance was really one for the Books
他的才华使很多学者都拜倒在他的脚下了 His talents have made many scholars worship the ground that he treads on
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