List of Vocabulary
他是按照青年人的口味写的这本书 He wrote the Book to the taste of the youngsters
他可是个有头脑的人,决不会相信你的那一套。 He's a Brain, who wouldn't be fooled into believing your Babbling
他可是个有家室的人。你怎么想和他结婚呢? He's a man of family. How can you have such a half-baked idea of marrying him?
他是个称职的小说家,却没有写出一本能轰动全世界的小说。 He's a qualified novelist, But none of his novels is good enough to set the world on fire
干这种工作他的年纪太大了。 He's a stick-in-the-mud, who can't feel comfortable with a person like you.
他是个老古董看不惯像你这样的人。 He's a stick-in-the-mud, who can't fool comfortable with a person like you.
他是个特别难对付的老师,根本不把你通不过考试当回事 He's a tough teacher, who'd just as soon flunk you as look at you
他太软弱了,在单位谁都敢欺负他 He's a wimp. Everybody in his workplace can Bully him
他特别勤快,从来没有闲着的时候。 He's an eager beaver, never staying idle.
他是个彻头彻尾的口头革命派 He's an out and out arm-chair revolutionary
这几年他一直很走运 He's been on the gravy train these years
他一直打算出国留学,可是年迈的老母亲以及妻子和孩子成了他的沉重包袱 He's been thinking of furthering his studies abroad But. His aged mother, his wife and the children all become a millstone around his neck
他可是个乐天派,整天无忧无虑的 He's good-time Charlie feeling no worries and anxieties
他是个乐天派,对此事他是不会感到十分失望的。 He's good-time Charlie, who won't feel quite disappointed at this
他挨揍真是活该!谁让他老期负别人。 He's got beaten up? He should have it coming on him for the way he often ill-treats others.
他可不象你,动不动就逃学 He's not your sort, who plays hookey at will
他真是个笨蛋,连这点小事都干不了。 He's plain Brack-Brain, who cannot even cope with such a small matter.
他特别无聊,不是讲下流笑话就是谈论别人的婚姻 He's plain for the Birds. He would either crack a Blue joke or talk about other people's marriages
他真是个不知羞耻的家伙,竟然说他喜欢人家占他老婆的便宜。 He's really a law-down dirty shame. He would even say that he likes other guys to get the better of his own wife.
他能在寡不敌众的情况下抓住三个小偷,真了不起 He's really something for the fact that he had caught three of the thieves when he was outnumbered
他那个人特别贪吃,从来没有吃半饱的时候 He's so gluttonous that he can never stop eating half full
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