prile 对比 three
    分析 词典对比 网络资料 组词对比
    (1).维基词典 prile three
    a hand of three cards of the same value in three card brag
    A numerical value after two and before four. Represented in Arabic digits as 3; this many dots (•••).
    Describing a set or group with three elements.
    The digit/figure 3.
    Anything measuring three units, as length.
    A person who is three years old.
    The playing card featuring three pips.
    abbreviation of three-pointer
    (2).韦伯斯特词典 prile three
    One more than two; two and one.
    The number greater by a unit than two; three units or objects.
    A symbol representing three units, as 3 or iii.