List of Vocabulary
预先冷却,预冷 prechilling
聚磷腈 poly(organophosphazene)
正常血糖的 euglycemic
为了充分展示其实力. Illustrating its strengths.
埃克森美孚化工在华业务 ExxonMobil Chemical in China
粘合剂和密封剂 Adhesives and Sealants
电线电缆 Electrical-Wire and Cable
保健和医疗 Healthcare & Medical
颜料和涂料 Paint and Coatings
个人护理和化妆品 Personal Care and Cosmetics
印刷和复印 Printing and Reprographics
硬质包装 Rigid packaging
软质包装 Flexible packaging
材料运输 Materials handling
纺织品和无纺布 Textiles and Nonwovens
无纺布 Nonwovens
产品牌号和说明书 Grades and Datasheets
ExxonMobil LDPE 均聚物用于薄膜 ExxonMobil LDPE Homopolymer for film
丁烯共聚LLDPE Butene LLDPE (C4)
线型低密度聚乙烯 LLDPE
熔融指数(g/10min) Melt Index(g/10 min)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7