List of Vocabulary
当我们在当地雇到一个向导后,一切都顺利了 After we engaged a guide in the local village, everything was plain sailing.
人都是这山望着那山高。对自己状况没有满意的时候 Almost all people see that the grass is greener on the other hill. They never feel satisfied with what they've already got
那个小伙子虽然只有1.65米高,可他却和一个1.75米的细高细高的女孩子结了婚. Although that chap is no more than 1.65m, he married a bean-pole of 1.75m.
虽然他们有很多共同之处,可是他们并非是性情相投的亲密伙伴。 Although they have many things in common, they are not soul mates.
别看小王的个头不高,打架的时候他可从不示弱 Although Xiao Wang is not tall, he gives as good as he gets when facing a fight
虽然你送孩子上学得花一大笔钱。可这钱花得值 Although you'll have to spend a large sum on sending the kie to school, you still get your money's worth
在这条街上横穿马路的人是要被罚款 Anyone who jaywalks in this street will be fined
能说那种话的人头脑肯定有点不正常 Anyone who says that must have a few Buttons missing
作为当地的一个大人物张先生不得不时刻注意自己的言行。 As a Bigwig in the seen coming and going with Bigwigs.
依我看,他们的成功有点儿玄乎 As far as I can see, their success is a Bit iffy
依我看你女儿和小张性情相投。你干吗要阻拦他们结婚呢? As far as I can see, Xiao Zhang is a soul mate of your daughter, Why should you object to their marriage?
关于他为什么要跟她离婚的问题,我想只有他自己知道是怎么回事 As for why he wants to divorce her, I think only he himself knows where the shoe pinches
当街头小贩看到警察来了时,他们匆忙卷起摆的摊儿拔腿就跑 As soon as the street peddlers saw the police coming they folded up their stands and took to their heels
在这种会议上你没有资格用那种口吻对大家讲话 At such a meeting, you were not in a position to speak to the participants like that
那时,我只不过是个没有经验的小记者 At that time, I was only a cub reporter, still wet behind the ears
比赛一开始,我们队占了上风,可到了最后却失利了 At the beginning of the game our team gained the upper hand, But by and by, we lost our strength
起初,A队配合得很不好并且连丢6分,只是教练换上了六号队员后才扭转了局势 At the beginning, Team A did not have very good teamwork and they lost 6 scores in a run. But the coach tipped the scales by replacing someone with the Number six player.
在汽车站或电梯里,你会发现人们的脸上一点表情都没有 At the Bus stop or in the elevator, you may find that people are standing there just like deadpans.
想陷害我?你还嫩点儿 Attempt to do me in? You're still wet behind the ears
贝克收到他女朋友的绝交信那天简直都气疯了 Beck went plain crazy with anger on the day when he received his Dear John from his exgirlfriend
结婚前他发誓说他会与我同甘苦共患难,可是在我病危之际他却抛弃了我。 Before getting married, he swore that he would share weal and woe with me But now, he abandoned me at a time when my health is threatening my life
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