List of Vocabulary
机用和手用丝锥 Machine and hand taps
长柄螺母丝锥 Long shank nut taps
螺旋槽丝锥 Machine taps with helical flutes
高速钢车刀条 High speed steel tool bits
机用铰刀技术条件 Machine reamers--Technical requirements
铰刀专用公差 Special tolerance for reamers
手用1:50锥度销子铰刀技术条件 Hand taper 1:50 reamers--Technical requirements
圆锥铰刀技术条件 Taper reamers--Technical requirements
直柄扩孔钻 Core drills with parallel shank
扩孔钻技术条件 Core drills--Technical requirements
直柄锥面锪钻 Countersinks with parallel shanks for angles 60°90°and 120°inclusive
锥面锪钻技术条件 Countersinks--technical requirements
平底锪钻技术条件 Counterbores--technical requirements
锪钻用可换导柱 Detachable pilots for use with counterbores and countersinks
磨料取样方法 Method for sampling of conventional abrasive grains
压铸模零件--模块 Die-cast die components--Mold plates
压铸模零件推板 Die-cast die components--Ejector plates
压铸模零件推杆 Die-cast die components--Ejector pins
压铸模零件垫块 Die-cast die components--Spacer blocks
扭簧比较仪 Microkator
可转位面铣刀 Facemilling cutters with indexable inserts
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