List of Vocabulary
他的命真好 He must have been leading a charmed life!
看他那个样子肯定是喝多了。你最好把他送回家 He must seem to have had one too many. You'd better walk him home
他可是个嘴硬的孩子,从没听他认过错 He never says uncle. He's never heard to admit that he's wrong.
他真了不起,竟然一个人对付了那么多的对手. He overwhelmed so many his opponents alone, He's really something.
无论他们怎样威胁他,他都不服输 He refused to say uncle no matter how they threatened him
他把别人都看成是无知的孩子 He regards all others to be wet behind the ears
他说他要改邪归正,并向我保证在也不干那种事了 He said he would straighten up and fly right and assured me that he would never involve himself in things of that sort
他说他想到能显露出自己真本事的地方去工作 He said that he wanted to work in a place where he could show his paces
他说他是在阐述深奥的道理,可我认为他只不过是在小题大做,故弄玄虚而已 He said that he was explaining some abstruse philosophy. But to me he was only trying to stir up a storm in a teacup and mystifying things
他说他已经人过中年,不想再跑跑颠颠的了。 He said that he was over the hill and didn't want to move a lot.
他说他死也不会干这种买卖 He said that he would do such Business over his dead Body
他说他可不想和一个不起眼的女孩子结婚。 He said that he wouldn't like to marry a plain Jane.
他说我们必须先付给他一笔好处费,他才会带我们去见那位部长 He said that he wouldn't take us to see the minister until we had paid him off
他说他从来没有显露出自己的真本事 He says that he hasn't ever shown his paces
观对那些棘手的问题他也显得束手无策了 He seemed to be at his wits end before those ticklish questions
他为自己辩护说那天他太忙了,没来得及关掉烤箱 He sheltered himself by saying that he was too Busy to turn off the oven that day
他刚吃完饭就吐了 He shoot the cat right after meal
活该!谁让他总吹牛。 He should have it coming on him, for the way he always talks Big.
这部车他只花了300美元,跟白拣的一样 He spent only 300 dollars on the car, which was simply a steal
他说我迷恋上李丽了?这简直是胡说八道 He thinks I've got the Bots for Lily? It's shooting from the hip!
他告诉那些男孩子不要再胡闹,不然他就叫老师 he told the Boys to quit their monkey Business, or he would call a teacher.
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