List of Vocabulary
他绞尽脑汁,可是仍未找到问题的答案 He had racked his Brain, But hadn't been able to work out the answer to the problem.
他的嘴特脏。从来不把骂人当一回事 He has a foul mouth. He would just as soon curse you as look at you
他一心想搬到农村去住 He has his heart set on moving to live in the country
他一心想辞去目前的工作,自己经营一个饭馆 He has his heart set on quitting his present job and starting to run a restaurant of his own
他真没骨气,给两句好话就又和别人好起来了 He has no guts. He would be Back and good to people when given a song and dance
他最近出了几本十分畅销的书,这使得很多人对他刮目相看 He has published a number of Books and they all become best-sellers, the fact of which makes many people sit up and take notice
他想干轻松的工作,可又怕挣钱太少了 He hopes to take a cushy job But at the same time, worries about the pay he gets from such a job
他是老当益壮 He is ripe in years But green in heart.
他是幕后人物 He is the man behind the scenes.
他不停地烦我,因此我叫他走开 He kept on Bothering me, so I told him to beat it.
他知道自己错了,但却不肯承认错误,因为怕失去面子 He knew he was wrong, But he would not admit it for fear of losing face.
他住的地方离这儿只有一箭之遥 He lives only a stone's throw from here.
他把钥匙弄断在锁里了,就发起了脾气 He lost his temper when he Broke the key in the lock.
他因跟另外一个女人勾搭而把自己的婚姻搞得一团糟 He loused up his own marriage by getting involved with another woman
他偷看那个女孩儿一眼就装模作样地看起报纸来 He made a stealthy glance at the girl and put on sort of airs of starting to read
他在海南挣了很多钱。真没想到他会发财 He made Bundles in Hainan, he was unexpectedly raking it in
他的命真好 He must have been leading a charmed life!
看他那个样子肯定是喝多了。你最好把他送回家 He must seem to have had one too many. You'd better walk him home
他可是个嘴硬的孩子,从没听他认过错 He never says uncle. He's never heard to admit that he's wrong.
他真了不起,竟然一个人对付了那么多的对手. He overwhelmed so many his opponents alone, He's really something.
无论他们怎样威胁他,他都不服输 He refused to say uncle no matter how they threatened him
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