List of Vocabulary
我不能完全同意你的观点,但大体上你的观点是有道理的 I cannot totally take your point,But by and large I think yours is reasonable.
我很快就会回来 I come Back before you know it.
临走时我忍不住说了一句气话:"愿你能永远活着." I couldn't resist a parting shot: "I wish you could live long!"
我真没想到你是这样的一个笨蛋。 I didn't believe you should be such a Brack-Brain.
我没有时间去理发店理发,只是让邻居稍微给做了做 I didn't have time to go to the Barber's, so I just asked my neighbor to give it a once-over
我不知道那只是我瞎猜的 I didn't know/ it was only a shot in the dark
我没有添油加醋,我说的都是事实 I didn't spice up. All I said is true
我不赞同给孩子们很多零花钱 I do not favour the idea of giving children a lot of pocket money.
我手头没钱了,咱们别到外面去吃了 I don' want to eat out today. I'm Broke
无没有新的,你先拿这个去凑合用吧 I don't have a new one, But you may take this to fill the Bill
我不忍心让你一个人背黑锅 I don't have the heart to leave you alone holding the Bag
这几天不知是什么事把我搞得心烦意乱的 I don't know what has set my nerves on edge these days
不知为什么我一直克服不了怯场的毛病 I don't know why I can never get over the feeling of getting stage fright
不知为什么这几天我总感到忐忑不安 I don't know why I'm having a case of the jitters these days
今天不知道是怎么回事,我总感到心烦意乱的 I don't know why my nerves are on edge today
我不知道为什么这几天她总是垂头丧气的. I don't know why she's singing the Blues these days
不知为什么这个车今天就是发动不起来 I don't know why this car is reluctant to start
我可不愿意和神经过敏的人在一起工作 I don't like the idea of working with those thin-skinned people
我可不喜欢你参与那件事,你没有那个能力 I don't like you to have a finger in the pie. You are no good at such a deal
我去不了.我手头上的写作使我难以脱身. I don't think I can go. I'm tied up with the writing I must finish
我可不喜欢让我的孩子整天吊儿郎当的。一点正经事都不干 I don't want my children to play around all day and do nothing useful
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