List of Vocabulary
我对麦克杰克逊的摇滚爱的发狂 I am really crazy about Michael Jackson's rock'n'roll.
为了找寻工作,我伤透了脑筋 I beat my Brains (out)to get a job.
他肯定能通过这次的考试。这是十拿九稳的了 I bet he will pass the exam. It's dollars to Buttons
我以很便宜的价格卖了这座房子 I Bought this house for a song.
以前我为了帮那个家伙吃了一些苦头 I Burned cy fingers in helping that guy before
她绝对不会和他结婚的,这个我什么都敢赌 I can bet my bottom dollar that she won't marry him for anything
不知为什么,有人就是爱听别人的恭维话 I can hardly understand why some guys are so fond of being Blarneyed by other people
我能看得出你这几天有什么心事 I can see that there's something that weighs on your mind these days
我不能背叛她。那样岂不是恩将仇报? I can't betray her, for it would be Biting the hand that feeds me
这个我自己决定不了,独请示请示上边儿 I can't decide on it personally, I have to ask the top kick
我怎么也想不起来她的电话号码了 I can't for the life of me remember her telephone number.
我不能放弃教书。那是我的饭碗 I can't give up teaching, for it's my Bread and Butter
工真不理解你干吗动不动就拿孩子们出气呢? I can't make it out why should you get it out on the kids at the drop of a hat
我真搞不明白为什么他喜欢和老古董们在一起 I can't make out why he should like to be with those sticks-in-the-mud.
我真搞不懂为什么遭到不公平的待遇却不敢吭声 I can't understand why she got a raw deal and could not be up in arms
我真搞不明白你为什么要花大量的时间去帮助刘西。难道你还不知道她是个恩将仇报的人? I can't understand why you should have spent so much time helping Lucy. Don't you know she's the one that would Bite the hand that feeds her?
真猜不透像他那样一个英俊的男子为何能爱上刘兰那样一个不起眼的女孩子呢? I cannot make it out why a handsome-looking man like him would fall in love with a plain Jane like Liu Lan.
我不能完全同意你的观点,但大体上你的观点是有道理的 I cannot totally take your point,But by and large I think yours is reasonable.
我很快就会回来 I come Back before you know it.
临走时我忍不住说了一句气话:"愿你能永远活着." I couldn't resist a parting shot: "I wish you could live long!"
我真没想到你是这样的一个笨蛋。 I didn't believe you should be such a Brack-Brain.
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